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Yes, We Are Challenged But We Are On Course, Moahz Group Assures Investors


The management of Moahz Oil and Gas has assured clients of its investments arm not to panic over the seeming challenge the company is passing through, adding that their monies are safe with the company.


In a statement signed on Sunday by its founder and Chairman, Engineer Ojo Abdulqadir, he stated that steps have been taken by the management to address the apprehension in some quarters, and restated that the integrity and the solid reputation the company has built with its investors should strengthen their conviction that there is no need to panic.



He , however urged the investors especially those whose investments have matured to cooperate with the debt managers who have assumed the responsibility of managing the company in order to ensure seamless payments in the months ahead.


Abdulkadir added that the debt managers, A&A Attorneys has requested for a 90 day period to reconcile the accounts before it can commence repayments of any sorts.



The Statement reads in parts: “The past weeks have been challenging as I have been inundated with calls from investors panicking over the safety of their monies with us.


“May I use this opportunity to assure all our investors that there is no cause for alarm and I plead with you all to cooperate with the Debt Managers who are diligently working out payment plans for all of you.


” Ours is a company built on trust and integrity and be assured that we won’t deviate from these virtues which are sacrosanct to us.”

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