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UN Expresses Worries over Rising Displacement in North-central, North-west


The United Nations Migration Agency, International Organisation for Migration has expressed worries over rising displacement in the North Central and North West region of the country as a result of growing ethnic and religious groups as well as renewed attacks by bandits.



The organisation’s Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) released yesterday showed that there is a new higher level of displacement in the two region between May 16 and 22 with 5,570 people affected by attacks and a total of 5,509 persons displaced.


The statement read: “Nigeria’s north-central and north-west zones are afflicted with a multidimensional crisis rooted in long-standing tensions between ethnic and religious groups and involves attacks by criminal groups and banditry/hirabah (such as kidnapping and grand larceny along major highways).



“During the past years, the crisis has accelerated because of the intensification of attacks and has resulted in widespread displacement across the region.”


The statement further revealed that: “Between the 16th and 22nd of May 2022, armed clashes and banditry have led to new waves of population displacement.


Following these events, rapid assessments were conducted by DTM (Displacement Tracking Matrix) field staff to inform the humanitarian community and government partners, and enable targeted response.


“Flash reports utilise direct observation and a broad network of key informants to gather representative data and collect information in the number, profile and immediate needs of affected populations.


During the assessment period, the DTM identified an estimated 5,570 individuals who were affected by the attacks.


“A total of 5,509 individuals were displaced to neighbouring wards in the LGAs Bakura, Bukkuyum and Gusau in Zamfara State. A total of 119 casualties were reported, including 58 injuries and 61 fatalities.”

Culled from THISDAY

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