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PMB Bans Mining Activities In Zamfara

…Declares Zamfara no fly zone


President Muhammadu Buhari has read the riot act to bandits and insurgents wrecking havoc across the country .


The president has approved the ban of mining activities in Zamfara State while declaring the state a no fly zone .


National security adviser,Maj Gen Babagana Monguno disclosed this to State House correspondents after the national security council meeting presided over by President Buhari at the presidential villa .



He also stated that non- state actors causing havoc in the country have been placed on surveillance by intelligence agencies.


“Now, today’s meeting deliberated on three main issues and I’ll tell you the outcome of these issues, the salient points. Of course, the president still remains concerned about the level of security, which seems to be cascading for the worse.


“Given the fact that we have a new organisation with new service chiefs, the president has charged all of us to redouble our efforts, especially in view of the occurrences of the last couple of weeks.


“The predominant issues raising concern for the entire nation remain kidnapping, banditry, and of course terrorism in the north eastern part of the country. Apart from that, we’ve also had issues with farmers and herders, which have also resulted in some unpleasant ethnic situations.


“Now, His Excellency, the president has approved, based on our recommendation, the imposition and enforcement of a ban on all mining activities in Zamfara State with immediate effect, until further notice.


“He has directed the honourable minister of defence and the national security adviser to deploy massive military and intelligence assets to restore normalcy to that part of the country. He has also approved that Zamfara State be declared a no-fly-zone with immediate effect.


“Now all non state actors that have been causing problems for the innocent peoples, not just in Zamfara State or the north-west zone, but also the north-east and other parts of the country in the south-south, have been placed under surveillance by the intelligence agencies, we’ve had a lot of reports coming in; collusion with people from all walks of life.”


The NSA further said that while the federal government is not averse to the application of non-kinetic means, to resolve this problem, he stressed that the federal government would not hesitate to apply to the fullest its kinetic means to restore normalcy to the country.



According to him, no country would tolerate a group of non-state actors.


He stated, “No sovereign nation will allow a group of non state actors to bring it down to its knees and render the state in state of panic, apprehension, mistrust, disorder, and so on and so forth.


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