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Opinion: What Chijioke Edeoga Represents


It is no longer news that Hon. Chijioke Jonathan Edeoga is the choice of Enugu People come 2023.


To this effect, we present to you what Hon. Barr. CJ. Edeoga means to different categories of Enugu people.


To the general public, he is clean and unblemish of any corrupt charges through out his public life.

He has never been accused of any corruption and has never been invited by any anti graft agency quite unlike the candidate of the other political party. He is therefore the most trust worthy in terms of handling the state resources.


To the political class, he is that new hope through which the politically wounded and subjugated people will find political relevance once again for the benefit of our people.


To the church, he is *that* righteous politician whose yes is yes and represents everything preached in our churches.


To the Nkanus, he is that proverbial Friend that is better than a bad brother. The people of Nkanu East have had their area highly undeveloped second to Isi Uzo LGA, despite having their other Nkanu brothers at the helm of affairs at all time. To them, Edeoga has come to wipe away their tears. To the people of Enugu West Senatorial zone, Edeoga is that liberator who has come to give a sense of belonging to every part of the state. No wonder he picked Dr. John Nwokeabia, a philanthropist from Oji River section of the zone to give them their denied sense belonging. To the Nsukkas Edeoga is that worthy inlaw that is said to be one’s God. In Edeoga, they see a complete sense of equality between old Nsukka zone and old Enugu zone which will engender mutual trust and understanding among the people of the state.


To the Isi Uzo people, Edeoga is that son in whom the parent continually have hope of success in life. He is that good thing that is coming to Isi Uzo land which should be supported by every worthy son of the land no matter the divide one belongs. And I wish to advice Isi Uzo people currently in government to be very careful with their political movements. Whatever party you belong to, do remember that our lands frowns at any body that works against any good thing coming to our places. Chijioke Edeoga is that undeniable goodies we are hoping to receive and any of our people who makes moves to stop this will definitely face the wrath of our ancestors and that of the lands of our homes. If you are given appointment, enjoy it for it is your right in the first place. But DO NOT work against Chijioke Jonathan Edeoga, for if you do, you are working against our land and it comes with consequences.

By Comrade John Agbo

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