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Obanikoro: Why I Am Contesting To Represent Lagos West In the Senate


A former Minister of State for Defence, Senator Musiliu Obanikoro, has stated that he is running to represent Lagos West Senatorial District in order to secure a vantage bargaining chip for Lagos State in the next dispensation where the state is positioned for better economic prosperity and the security of the state takes center stage at the federal level.



In a statement signed by his campaign organisation on Friday, Obanikoro added that his legislative and administrative experiences would help in attracting major infrastructural projects where unemployment can be addressed in the short and mid terms.


He expressed confidence that he would be able to lobby other legislators to achieve the long awaited special status for the state, address unemployment, more infrastructures and make Lagos security a focal national importance.


The statement reads in parts : “With over 20 years of experience serving at all tiers of government, including the National Assembly as a Senator, I know how things work, I know how to navigate and get things done in Government which Lagos will benefit from from day one of my resuming office.


“My experience and capacity to get things done undoubtedly makes me the most viable candidate, however my vision and legislative plan for Lagos is one that I am equally proud of and confident Lagosians and the people of Lagos West Senatorial District will appreciate and approve.


“With a Lagos 1st Agenda, my plan is to acheive the following: Special Status for Lagos – The centre of excellence is too germaine to Nigeria not to be accorded special status requiring special attention and collaboration with the Federal Government.


” Infrastructural Development – We deserve a Seaport in Badagry, and I committed to seeing this through.


“Unemployment – Our youth need jobs and a short term plan is required. A large contributor to this is also lack of skills for the jobs available. Too much focus on white collared jobs. We need a robust blue collared workforce for our foremost industries. We need software developers for our Tech industry, skilled laborers for our ever busy construction industry, steel workers, and so on. We need to revitalize and invest significantly in our polytechnics to have 3-12 month certification programs that employers can rely on. Lets get our youths retrained and certified for jobs that are available and currently lack suitors.


“Security – We are already feeling the fallout of the insecurity in the country in Lagos which shows we need a secure Nigeria to also keep Lagos safe. I will bring my experience, passion to bear on this and I will tackle this head on from day one.”

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