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Moahz Oil and Gas Engages Law Firm As Mediators, Debt Managers


In a bid to assuaging and pacifying its investors, the management of Moahz Oil and Gas has engaged A&A Attorneys (Rehoboth Chambers) as mediators and debt managers, as announced by the company on Friday.


This move, according to the founder of the oil and gas firm, Eng Ojo Abdulqadir is born out of genuine intention to address the seeming challenge the company is passing through and to restore the confidence of investors in the transparent and smooth running of the company.


This, also implies that, henceforth, the liabilities and assets of the company would be managed by the law firm.


Abdulkadir said:”It is true that we have gone into partnership with A&A Attorneys, Rehoboth Chambers at Ibadan, Oyo State, to serve as Mediators and to interface with all our investors with a view to finding mutual grounds for reconciliation.

“This proves that we are sincere and that despite the setbacks, all investors’ monies and returns would be best handled”


We implore all our investors to relate and interface with them accordingly.

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