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LPSS Marks 20th Anniversary with ‘Splashtastic Fun Day’


Lagos Preparatory and Secondary School (LPSS) held its annual fun day event in commemoration of its 20th anniversary recently. The event was held on the school grounds located in Ikoyi, Lagos.


Themed ‘Splashtastic Fun Day’, the event which explored fun elements through music, food, drinks, fun rides and games, doubled as a fundraising avenue to support special projects it otherwise ‘couldn’t afford.’ LPSS’s last fundraiser event was held three years ago.


“We want to upgrade our library,” Parents-Teachers Chairperson, Halima Mukhtar revealed. “It’s been the same library we’ve had for years, and the school is trying to transition into technological-based learning.”


“Another thing we really want to do and that I am so passionate about is our corporate social responsibility (CSR). So, part of the proceeds will go towards a local charity,” she concluded.


To raise money towards realising the library upgrade and funding its charity projects, supplies donated to the school by individuals and corporate organisations were resold at the ‘Splashtastic’ event. The process also actively engaged select students in supervisory roles. Headboy, Yousef Nashwan was one such student.


“The school council received a lot of donated items. But we’re supposed to convert data to money. We are selling the stuff today, and everything that we sell will immediately go to charity. Today, me and Monica (headgirl), supervised the selling stands. It was extremely fun to sell the products. It just felt nice. I looked forward to it,” he said.


Preceded by a graduation ceremony held the previous day, the event suffered a downpour; however, the turnout and participation of families were at a record high, Mukhtar confirmed.


Gregor Polson, who joined LPSS as Headteacher over a year ago, attributed the success of the event to the communal relationship that exists between the school and families. He said:


“We communicate with our parents as much as possible through newsletters and emails but we are trying to come back to the normality of our school post-COVID. We also encourage participation in events and that’s why we have a very active PTA because it’s a relationship that you have to have with your families. School should be a community.”

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