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Fire Destroys Shops, Property Worth Billions Of Naira At Katsina Central Market


Hundreds of shops were burnt to ashes following a fire outbreak at Katsina Central Market on Monday.

The fire started at around 8 a.m., on Monday, from some shops located at the centre of the market, before it spread to other parts.

The fire is still raging as at about 12:30pm, in spite of efforts of firemen to contain it.

The inferno had destroyed property worth billions of naira, mostly belonging to traders selling clothings, shoes, kitchen utensils, carpets, plastics among others.

Some of the traders affected said they had no idea how the fire started, but added that they had lost everything in their shops to the fire.

Alhaji Harisu Abdullahi, whose shop was among those destroyed, said it was difficult to ascertain the cause of the fire, and has left everything in the hands of Allah.

Alhaji Aminu Ibrahim, another victim, who said his shops were burnt to ashes, noted that fire fighters were unable to reach areas where the fire started, because the access road had been blocked by shops.

Malam Ibrahim Alaramma, another victim, who sells kitchen utensils, said that he lost everything to the fire.

Alaramma added that 10 of his brothers also lost everything to the fire.

The traders urged the government and other philanthropists to come to their aid as the fire had destroyed their source of livelihood.

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