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By Senator Dino Melaye

All over the world today is the celebration of International Anti-Corruption Day with the theme, “Your right, your role: say no to corruption”. Celebration of an International day is an opportunity to conscientize the public on issues of concern as well as address global problems.

In celebration of this day, we call on Nigeria Government to be intentional in its fight against corruption. The fight against corruption should not be selective nor should be it be used or seen as a political witch-hunt. There should be a holistic approach with the view of exposing corrupt leaders irrespective of political affiliation.

We also advocate that there is need for housekeeping by the government of the day. By housekeeping, the government can start by checking its excesses and stop all forms of corruption going on under its nose. Corruption in Nigeria has reached treacherous levels and has been identified as the major factor hindering the progress and development of every sector of Nigeria’s economy.

We also remind the general public that the fight against corruption is the business of everybody, whether young or old and nobody should be silent about it. We should learn how to speak up and say no to corruption. We all have a role to play to prevent and counter corruption, in order to promote resilience and integrity at all levels of society. On the part of Anti-Corruption Network, we pledge to stop at nothing until we have a Nigeria with zero tolerance for corruption, re-establish moral philosophy, transparency, accountability, integrity, and respect for human dignity to secure good governance and social justice. REMEMBER! IN AN UNJUST SOCIETY, SILENCE IS A CRIME.

Sen. Dino Melaye.
Executive Secretary
Anti-Corruption Network.

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