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Blackmail Is A Dangerous Path To Trade In Our Polity


The viral video of people who claimed to be staff of a bank and supposedly barricading the entrance of a property they claimed to be Senator Andy Uba’s house is a rascal display of desperation.

This is seasonal blackmail that should be condemned in the strongest terms. Banks don’t take their staff and microphones to someone’s house for debt collection. All well known debtors in Nigeria or anywhere in world have not had this type of malicious visitation or treatment .

The whole thing is ridiculous, infantile and dubious . Are loans just given without collateral? Was appropriate banking procedures not followed?

Assuming without conceding that the Senator is owing, is this derelict show of shame the appropriate procedure for debt collection? Our society has not become this lawless and whoever is behind this charade will not go unpunished. This nation has not degenerated to this insane level of lawlessness. Without doubts Senator Andy Uba will react appropriately to this blackmail. God’s wisdom and common sense will guide us to understand this subterfuge as nothing but mere blackmail.

Senator Ugochukwu Uba, a former Senator and frontline Governorship Aspirant of PDP in Anambra State.

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