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Baba Bisi Akande’s book – A waste of time


By Joseph Edgar

You can be sure that I will not read this book. To me it wil be a bloody waste of time and a lame distraction as we begin the tedious but achievable journey of winning back this country.

Snippets from the book already being bandied in the press does not come to me or any serious minded watcher of our country as a surprise

Peddling boring peppersoup joint type gist as major themes of a book that is written by a so-called insider is not a way to ensure a legacy especially in the twilight of a career

Baba Bisi Akande should have spent his time in minding his grandchildren or offering tours of his country home by homeless denizens in his village than fostering this on us.

This book, it’s contributors, and those who went to launch it with him represent the order that will be swept away by a robust and vigorous wave of positivism.

Nigeria has come around the corner. The darkness is over and the right kind of people are beginning to take positions

We will salvage this country and not with this kind of talk that we are hearing from this book. We do not need so-called insider gist of how Buhari reneged in making Tinubu VP running mate or of how Obasanjo betrayed anybody.

We are interested in revamping a comatose economy and drive Nigeria into the 21st century by tapping into the huge potentials and human capital resources as we play catch up with the rest of the world.

As I look at all of them standing like gleeful mascots in front of the National Museum, I shake my head as I cringe at the possibility of being led once again into 2027 by any of these.

We should really mobilise the votes, build the structures needed and encompass a wholesome vision that will take into consideration our differences as we forge a united front as a proud people

I wish I was wealthy enough, I would buy all the copies of Baba Akande’s book and make a huge bonfire of it and get true free born Nigerians to sing the National Anthem in our different ethnic attires as we dance around it.

I will not read that book and I beg you all not to either.

A waste of time

Joseph Edgar is a Columnist and the Publisher of the Alvinreports.


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