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APC Chieftain Charges Politicians On Investor-Friendly Environment


A chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Rivers State, Prince Tonye Princewill, has challenged politicians to portray the state in good light in order to create an investor-friendly environment.

He said there was the need for politicians in the state to tone down their language to set the stage for the development and prosperity of the state.
Princewill, who spoke to newsmen in Port Harcourt, expressed regrets that fears of insecurity and alleged bad image of the state as portrayed from outside had kept multi-billion dollar investments from coming into the state.

He said: “When you are outside Rivers State, when people talk about the state, it is usually in a negative light as if we are in a war zone. The question I ask those people who really love Rivers State is, how can you be part of the process that promotes that?

“If your children are here, naturally, you would want this place to progress. Projects like the multi-billion dollar infrastructure project that I am handling with the federal government can easily be attracted here in multitudes but the fear is insecurity and the image of the state.

“You and I will agree that the media has a role to play in the image. Politicians have a role to play in the image. I have not really been happy the way the media is managing the image of Rivers State. It is either Wike is attacking Amaechi or Amaechi is attacking Wike. What you hear is just attack, attack and attack.

“As much as any leader deserves criticism, we must be constructive in our criticisms. I think politicians have a responsibility to tune down their language so that we can set the stage for development and prosperity.”

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